Sant Mat, Sant Thakar Singh

Sant Thakar Singh, Sant Mat Master

Sant Thakar Singh taught Sant Mat, the Meditation on the Inner Light and Inner Sound.

Right at the very first Sant Mat meditation sitting, also called the Initiation, a Sant Mat Master such as Sant Thakar Singh will provide the seeker with a true inner experience of God in the form of inner light and sound and inner experience.

You are probably aware of the fact that "the beyond" comprises certain levels or regions. What you probably don't know is that the commonly known religious paths, spiritual techniques and 99% of the "masters" of our time are only able to lead souls up to the first or second plane at the most.

However, higher up—above these astral and causal regions, there are more, as described by Sant Thakar Singh and all previous Sant Mat masters. The soul has to reach at least the fifth plane, where it is considered to be a liberated soul, at last redeemed from the infinite cycle of rebirths. Only this new found state of purity makes it possible for the soul to merge into and become one with God.

In order to make this journey up to the fifth region, the soul needs the inner help and guidance of a competent living Sant Mat master of the fifth plane or above. The Master connects the soul with the inner light and the inner sound. A newcomer to the Master can expect to experience this first hand.

Living Sant Mat Masters such as Sant Thakar Singh offer their services always free of charge, directed at seekers from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds.

You can find contact persons from all over the world, books and videos on Sant Mat, the Meditation on inner light and inner sound on the Sant Mat international homepage.